Gas Heating

What are the benefits of gas and why would you choose it?

Merretts Heating Services install, repair and service most makes of gas boilers and can provide Informed and up-to-date advice if you need a replacement or if you are thinking about switching to a gas boiler.

Benifits Include:

  • Convenience – Gas is piped into your home, eliminating the need to run out and buy oil in an emergency.
  • Saving money – Gas costs less than oil and is also more efficient, saving you heating costs. A gas boiler also tends to cost less as the units are cheaper to produce than oil burning boilers.
  • Help the environment – Natural gas is cleaner than oil to burn, produces less soot, and the way it is obtained is better for the environment. Natural gas is gathered from pipes run deep underground; no oil wells or drills are required.

Oil Heating

Things you might not realise about oil heating

Merretts Heating Services install, repair and service most makes of oil boilers and can provide Informed and up-to-date advice, if you need a replacement. Did you know that it’s possible to install an oil boiler outside the home? And there are lots of benefits to doing so.

Benefits Include:

  • More space indoors – Removing the boiler from your kitchen or utility room
  • Less noise
  • No carbon monoxide risk
  • Prevents damage to home – Occasionally, boilers can leak oil which can cause damage and smell.
  • Easier access for servicing – Making regular maintenance and the engineer’s job a lot easier.
  • Heating for outdoor buildings – If you house the boiler in a garage or outhouse, it will lose a certain amount of heat to the air around it which could be a positive if the area is used as a work area or for storage.

LPG Heating

LPG heating gives you an alternative if you live off the grid

Merretts Heating Services install, repair and service most makes of LPG boilers and can provide Informed and up-to-date advice if you need a replacement. We make living off the grid easy, with LPG boiler models having many of the same benefits of ordinary gas boilers.

Did you know that today’s LPG boilers are:

  • Smaller and cheaper than Oil boilers
  • Highly efficient – Condensing models providing efficiencies of 90% or more. To find out more about efficiency levels.
  • Easy to use with Smart Technology
  • Are available from a range of well-known manufactures

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We are Gas Safe and Oftec registered which means that we have been independently assessed to ensure you always receive a professional, safe and reliable service.

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We are an independently verified provider and this means you can trust us to provide a professional, safe and reliable service.

What our customers Say

We have always used Merretts Heating for our boiler service and plumbing as we know they will turn up, do a good job so we don’t have to keep getting them back and they always leave things clean and tidy afterwards
No doubt you are aware what an ambassador John Green is for your company. John has been servicing our Rayburn for over 10 years and his fault finding which has recently been at the fore and his diligent approach to his work has not diminished, he continues to work to the highest standard. He is also willing to pass on any tips to help keep ones Rayburn running efficiently.
Thank you the response to me asking for help to restart the Aga. Very efficient and helpful. Helen was both (office staff).
Kyle is professional, capable and knows his stuff. I am therefore very happy with Kyle and his work ethic and am overall very satisfied. In fact, in future, I will actually ask for him by name as my preferred engineer to come out. He is a credit to Merretts Heating and did the tasks admirably well. Its always good to achieve a positive result and a satisfied customer. Kyle engendered a high level of trust with a final good, satisfaction rating.
Mr B has praised Callum for his visit to him to drain down and replace the zone valve on and Kyle for the service done.
I would like to formally record my thanks and congratulation to Merretts engineers on completion of their work at our house. The job was to remove the old heating system, based on the original installed when the house was built in 1950, and install a state of the art system. Their approach throughout was exemplary. They minimised the disturbance to us personally and to the structure of the house. This was no mean feat in itself considering the age of the old system . On the installation they showed great skill in running the new pipe work to minimise the exposure and affect on appearance It was a pleasure to have, often, four engineers around the property who were so accommodating and helpful They are a credit to Merretts in all senses Thank you for a job well done. I can thoroughly recommend your work.